Yes!!!I’m Very Much Okay Now- Leo Mezie Thanks Nigerians



Nollywood actor Leo Mezie who was down with kidney failure some months back and received treatment in London has confirmed reports that he is back to Nigeria perfectly hale and hearty.


A lot of Nigerians were sad months ago when news went viral that Leo was seriously down with kidney problems and needed about N10m for an operation abroad. It was reported that both his kidneys had collapsed and the actor could no longer use his right leg due to his ailment.


However, luck smiled on him. Leo was able to raise the required N10million and was flown out of the country for the needed operation. When he arrived the hospital, the actor was quick to thank  Nigerians for coming to his rescue via a YouTube video.


On Wednesday, the actor was sighted at the airport as he arrived from London where he went for his medical treatment.


Saturday Beats reports that they put a call through to the actor and from his voice, it was obvious that the bald headed actor is hale and hearty.


With excitement in his voice, the actor pleaded that people should give him some time to rest and spends some time with his family before he would address the public. He however was quick to add that he is hale and hearty.

“It has all been God and I give him all the thanks and praises. I just got back into Nigeria and I would beg you to please let me rest and spend some time with my family. I promise to address the public properly next week. I am very thankful to Nigerians for their love and support,” Mezie said.