Prostitutes in Zimbabwe Are Now Forcing Clients So That They Can Make More Money



According to H-Metro, the syndicate will be roaming the area and once they pounce on their prey, the hookers offer very affordable prices before they take you to their room where they search you and force you to have sex with them for the money they would have taken.


H-Metro spoke to one of the victims who refused to identify himself and he narrated his ordeal after falling prey to three hookers.


“I am a student and I was walking along Samora Machel where three hookers pounced on me and offered me sex for US$2 of which I refused.


“They insisted but I said I would give them the US$2 they wanted so that they will let me free but before I could say anything more, two more men appeared and helped the ladies to drag me to a room upstairs at a local hotel.”


The victim said, whilst in the room, he refused to have sex but the ladies wouldn’t take any of his words.


“One of the ladies undressed and lied on the bed naked and offered me sex. I was cornered and I had to ask for a condom which they gave me and I had sex with her while other two were looking.”


“Whilst I was contemplating my next move, the other one requested to have sex with me as well and I turned down the offer before she called the two men who were outside.


“As soon they entered there was confusion in the room and they searched me of all my valuables.”

He added:

“After the noise, the ladies shared the money and ordered me to leave the room while they remained behind with the two men.

“I had to plead for a dollar to use for transport home.”

However, the incident is not the first but several men have failed to open up on such incidents where they have been pounced on by hookers.


Instead of reporting they are ashamed of making reports on such cases thereby giving them a gratitude to continue.

“It’s hard to report kuti wabatwa nemahure, unozvitaura uchiti kudii, zvinomakisa.

“If you fell prey to such better kungoita easy unless watobirwa mari yakawanda,” said another man.

Meanwhile, H-Metro reports they hung around the area where some hookers paraded their ‘thighs’ and witnessed the same scenario.


The hookers will be standing as individuals but as they negotiate their colleagues approach.

“I have seen men falling victims to hookers who just mob you and force you into their rooms where they can extort you.

“One may assume people are in agreement but it won’t be that,” said one vendor who operates along central Avenue.

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