5G Network Poses No Health Risk- Experts Tell Nigerians

FG Approves Use of 5G Technology in Nigeria

Experts in the Information, Communications and Technology sector have allayed the fears of Nigerians that the planned introduction of Fifth Generation technology, has no harmful effects on Nigerians.

Recall, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami recently played down the fears of Nigerians that the fifth-generation (5G) network is harmful and may lead to devastating side effects if allowed.

Pantami explained that the advantages of adopting the 5G network far outweigh the negatives and some of the positive sides of the 5G network are faster internet speeds, affordable data rates, and other economic, health, security, and educational benefits.

The National Coordinator of Alliance for Affordable Internet and a former President of the Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria, Olusola Teniola, was consulted to share his views on the planned deployment of the 5G network and he made it known that there is no trace that the 5G is harmful.

He said:“Concerns regarding 5G and health issues have been put to bed. Nigeria, like other countries that have gone ahead to deploy 5G network, has tried 5G with no evidence, whether empirical or substantive, that suggests that 5G is bad for health,”

“With the evolution of technology, there are always concerns around the adoption of technology.

“For Nigeria, the biggest concern is ensuring that Nigerians are able to participate in this very enabling technology that would provide multifaceted and multidimensional solutions for the progress of the economy, development and employment for the youth that would be required to use this technology in the next 10 to 20 years.”

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