Wife sleeps with gateman, gets pregnant 8 months after husband travels to Dubai

  • 8 months after the husband’s trip to Dubai, the wife had a pregnancy after sleeping with the gateman….
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A young man has revealed his wife slept with their gateman and is now pregnant while sharing his struggle in an effort to get help.

The young man who told Postsubman his story on Twitter claimed that he departed for Dubai and returned after eight months to find his wife pregnant with their gateman.

According to the man, he had to control his sexual edge by masturbating in order not to cheat on his wife. He stated that a lot of people have asked him to forgive his wife but the sight of the child reminds him of his wife’s infidelity.

“He spent 8 months in Dubai only to find out that his wife is already sleeping with the gateman. To the extent that she is already 5 months pregnant. I have never cheated on her even with the temptations I faced daily”, he wrote.

“I Came, I Saw And I’m Coming Back Home Intact” – ‘Virgin’ Corper Says As She Celebrates Finishing NYSC

A 20-year-old Taraba state university graduate, Justina Dauda has taken to social media to celebrate finishing her mandatory NYSC program as a virgin.

The young lady announced her feat via her Facebook post as she share photos from her certificate collection.

“Those who mocked me gave me the strength to come back home intact. The 20-year-old corper is here to say thank you lord”.

“Dedicating this special day to Taraba state university department of political science and international relations class of 2021. I pray for more virgin corpers from Taraba state university”.

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