“Kuku Make Eniola Ajao Your Wife” –Odunlade Adekola’s Stirs Controversy with His Birthday Wish to Eniola


Fans of actor Odunlade Adekola have asked him officially make her his wife instead of ‘deceiving’ the public by claiming she is just a colleague, Following his shower of love on his colleague and rumored side chic, Eniola Ajao on her birthday today,

The actor dedicated two different Instagram posts in celebration of Eniola Ajao’s birthday today.

In one of the posts, Odunlade Adekola showered Eniola Ajao with beautiful compliments such as pretty, gorgeous, a star, fantastic actor and wonderful human.

Sharing photos of her on his Instagram page, the actor captioned them “Pretty…Eniola..Beautiful..Eniola   Gorgeous… Eniola…Star …Eniola…Fantastic actor… Eniola…Wonderful Human … Eniola….Great Heart …. Eniola

Let me stop there! I pray God will answer all your prayers…The glory of God will continue to shine in your life

IRAWO E KONI WOKUN LAGBARA OLORUN. Happy birthday to you @eniola_ajao Enjoy your day!!! “

However, the birthday message got many of his fans talking.

One Lekan wrote “Aren’t you already a couple, put my wife bros”

Another Segun responded with “Just call her the king’s wife, we know”

Odunlade Adekola is very instrumental in the acting career of Eniola Ajao, and their close friendship had made people speculate that they are dating, but the duo had repeatedly denied it.

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