“Maduka Wey You Find Go No Dey Pitch” – BBN’s Esther Shares Photos of Herself in Cameroon Flaunting Her ‘Yansh’


Reality TV star, Esther clashed with some trolls on Twitter after sharing a photo of herself in Cameroon to watch the match showing off her ‘Yansh’.

Esther decided to fly to Cameroon to support the Super Eagles instead of watching the match at home on TV and some trolls slammed her over that as well as the fact that she was showing off her ‘Yansh’.

Esther had the time to reply to all of them and those asking her whether it’s necessary for her to show her ‘Yansh’ got what they were looking for when she replied to them asking whether she should have left it home.

Others claimed she went to Cameroon to watch the match because of the handsome Super Eagles Goalie, named Maduka.

Esther was prepared for all the trolls and gave it to them back to back as they never expected and some of the replies are so savage.

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