“What’s my offense” – Lady breaks down in tears after her shop got robbed for 4th time, all her wigs worth millions stolen


A Nigerian entrepreneur sobs in agony after robbers robbed her store of wigs worth millions of naira for the fourth time.

The sad woman sobbed in agony as she filmed the theft of her shop by unknown burglars.

While bemoaning her sorrow, she disclosed that they looted her shop three times in 2022 alone, only to return in 2023 to empty it for the fourth time.

A video posted online shows all of her shop’s mannequins scatter on the floor and absent of the wigs they’re supposed to carry.

Netizens reactions …

nnenna_blinks_ penned: “Mama 4th time isn’t a coincidence. There is an insider.Your circle is contaminated. You have been roaring your boat while others are drilling. Ndo”

ladyque_1 said: “4th time??? You better move out from that space”

hayuurr wrote: “Fourth time??? Everybody she knows must be arrested”

kennedyexcel commented: “Arrest everybody for that area including Naira marley and Samlarry”

ewere_ penned: “I don’t know why people don’t understand that if a child of God cries because of you, you will have God to contend with. This is heart breaking”

tbchairstore said: “God 2 God will replenish your pocket, please move from that location. Please”

ms.bameh wrote: “4th Time? Okay something is up. After 1,2 times you didn’t set protective measures or even camera to Say the least, you remained in same shop. Ma no talk sha.”

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