US Police Kills another Black Man, Claiming He Pointed A Gun At Them First



Houston police shot and killed a man after he pointed a gun at them, authorities have said.

Two officers saw a man standing in the road on the city’s south side around 12:40am Saturday. They asked him to put down the gun, but he pointed it in the air instead before aiming it at the officers, police said.

A woman told ABC 13 he was her husband and identified him as Alva Braziel.

Witness Eric Puckett confirmed to the network the man was a black male. The races of the two officers remained unknown as of yesterday.

The two officers have each spent 10 and 13 years in the force according to ABC 13. They were wearing body cams at the time of the shooting, the department said.

This came just a day after a black man shot 12 police officers, killing 5 in the process.