“This will Separate The Boys From The Men Musically”̶ Rudeboy Reveals

Hey lovely people! How’s your Saturday going? On our saturday gossip is Rudeboy.

This guy has been on lowkey for a while now. Musically and socially. Almost like he ain’t there. Rude boy whose real name is Paul Okoye is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Before now,he partnered with his brother Peter Okoye.

Following their break out, Rude boy has released quite a lot of hit songs including “Reason with me” which Nigerians loved so much.

He recently shared this Instagram post which he talked about dropping “it”.

Well,we understand he’s talking about new music. I’m sure his fans can’t wait for that to happen. He also added that this song will separate the boys from the men. Funny enough,his name says Rudeboy 😁. Don’t mind me. Who are the boys now?

He’s been so quiet. Like,a lot of artists have dropped songs this year but he hasn’t. Well, let’s watch out.

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