South African lady lectures on the important things to consider before relocating abroad

  • Nonhle, a South African lady, has shared her expert advice on the crucial factors to consider before relocating abroad on social media.
  • Nonhle, a German resident for over a decade, shared her perspective on essential considerations when relocating to a foreign country on her TikTok page.

A lady from South Africa going by the handle Nonhle has resorted to social media to express her thoughts on the important things to consider about before relocating overseas.

Nonhle, who has been living in Germany for more than ten years, used her TikTok channel to discuss the important factors to take into account while moving abroad.

Nonhle dispelled the idea that there is a perfect country or city for everyone from the outset of her video. She stressed that everyone has a different ideal place.

Drawing from her own experience, Nonhle stated that the only way to truly comprehend a country’s suitability is via firsthand experience, regardless of how much research is done or advice seeks.

Nonhle continued by dispelling the myth that living overseas is equivalent to living in a paradise, stressing that every city and country, including Sydney, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Paris, and New York, has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

The woman, who lives in Germany, listed two important things to think about before deciding to relocate overseas, which can change your life.

First and foremost, people need to be transparent about the reasons for emigrating.  Prospective expats were advised by Nonhle to consider why they were moving to a distant country and leaving behind their friends and family.

She advised creating an extensive list of priorities as the second step.

Clarifying expectations for safety, climate, language, and career opportunities in the foreign nation is necessary, in her opinion.

She proposes, for example, deciding if one is willing to learn a new language or whether one wishes to live in a country where English is the official language.

Professional factors should also be taken into account while making decisions, such as the desire to work in technology and reside in Silicon Valley or pursue a Hollywood acting career.

The woman emphasised the value of doing one’s own research to match objectives and goals.

She stressed that even with in-depth research, people can never be certain whether a country or city is ideal for them until they have actually lived there.

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