“Naija to D World”- Reactions as American Actress Whoopi Goldberg Dances to Tim Godfrey’s ‘Very Big God’


American actress Whoopi Goldberg has warmed the hearts of Nigerians after performing the ‘Very Big God’ dance on social media.

Nigerian gospel artist Tim Godfrey released a video of the actress, who had seven abortions by the age of twenty-five. According to him, somebody sent

Her declared his affection for the actor and thanked the individual who had provided him the recording. Godfrey stated that people should not cease the dance until the entire world realizes they have a very large God.

Whoopi Goldberg demonstrated how to dance for her admirers throughout the recording. The ‘Star Trek’ actress emphasized that the work was simple if they were prepared to do it.

She demonstrated how to execute the dance in the excellent recording.

Reactions have trailed the recording of Goldberg dancing to evangelical music. Here are some of the comments below.

@abigail.bassey: “This is amazing.”

@travisgreenetv: “Big Time.”

@juliana.taiwo.obalonye” “This is huge because she is known Buddhist. Hallelujah for this confession from her.”

@deehumorous: “Wow, this is huge.”

@marthagordonosagiede: “God knows how to promote Himself!!!. This is great!!! Amazing song.”

@zealot247: “The sarafina queen that movie is forever etched among my sweetest childhood memories.”

@progressofficial_: “Oh my God! .Big God to the world.”

@grayevents: “I love her so much . Nigeria to the world. God is indeed unfathomably big.”

@nikkilaoye: “Wow this is major oo.. Aww whoppi on the big God train.”

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