“N9.7m gone” – Lady in severe pains as she pays 10,000 Pounds to get job in UK, arrives London, finds out it is fake


A Nigerian lady paid an enormous amount of 10,000 pounds (about N9.7 million) to get a job in the UK only to realize that she had fallen victim to a cruel visa fraud.

Sky News UK published the information as part of an investigation.

The victim, whose identity has been withheld, had been saving for years to fulfill her ambition of moving to the United Kingdom to live and work.

She entrusted her hard-earned money to a visa agent, hoping that her dreams were about to come true.

A work visa was obtained for her, and she was assured that a job would be available for her upon arrival, all thanks to a fake sponsor in the United Kingdom.

However, upon arrival in the United Kingdom, the harsh truth set in.

There was no employment, and she had fallen victim to con artists who were misleading her hopes and emptied her savings.

Unfortunately, this woman is not alone in her plight; many others have been in similar terrible situations.

Similarly, another Nigerian couple, motivated by a yearning for a better future, sold their home and took out a loan to raise the £10,000 required by the unethical visa agent.

Like many others, the couple believed they were setting out on a trip that would lead to a prosperous life in the United Kingdom.

Their dreams, however, were shattered upon their arrival in the United Kingdom.

They discovered that the promised job opportunities were just a cruel deception by the dishonest visa agent.

Netizens Reactions…
@ywiggan said; “The Home Office really dont care. This is so sad that human beings are treated like this.”

@tazmaniac.1115 commented; “She seems hardworking and her English is excellent.”

@adetounafolabi6436 said; “Some paid 13, 000k. Extortion is too much. Very wicked people. It is well.”

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