“How Naira Marley drugs women, have s3x with them and threatens to kill them with Sam Larry”- 4G Xbox spills


Following Mohbad’s death, a Nigerian man on Instagram known as 4G Xbox described how Naira Marley drugs women and has s3x with them without their consent.

In a series of Instagram stories, he said that the Marlian singer threatened them with Sam Larry’s if they drove him out.

He recalled an occasion in which Naira Marley and his crew gang raped a lady and her friend unconscious and threatened to murder them if they exposed him online.

“Naira Marley matter long gan. Na this Mohbad case go open all other uncountable cases he got.

Girls wey una dey use to bring their friends. Then Ena go put MD Rock inside Hennessy bottle with some mixtures! Naira go dey shot every girl in the room, them werey go dey happy”.

Bimbola case wey Dem Sophia bring wey Naira forcefully gang bang her and her friend unconsciously.

Next morning that girl was threatened by Naira and Sammy say if Naira cast online dey would delete her and her friend! They later have to use an extra 2 days there to act saint”.

4G Xbox even alleged that Naira Marley had aborted one of his old exes’ 2-month-old pregnancy.

“Abi shey na (Kiki) matter I wan enter ni. My old ex wey I met for Dubai carry enter Ghana! Girl get belle! I no even sabi this girl and Naira dey rapo! Naso Kiki lie comot Ghana with scope say she wan go do Osun festival stuff cos na their family dey run am for Aregbe Sola fam house!

Naira go talk say stop following all these Dubai boys na fake! And dey can’t give you the fame you want!

In a chat, I saw Naira book her ticket from my side from Ghana!
She got to Lag! Baba ask her how many months be the belle, werey talk say 2 months!

Naso Nara carry am go private nurse comot the belle! All because it should not disturb their fucking session.

The same Kiki had entered Naira’s house! Bedroom even private space in the house!

Shebi she see person wey locked inside one of Naira’s house Lekki and he failed to release the girl!

When Kiki asked! Naira said her people sabi say them keep am, say after some time she go go house!

Kiki later confirmed over 4 days later the girl dey there and Naira sending secret people to feed her!

Naira na musician? Or kidnapper/or murderer.

For Samlarryy! Egbon wan shine, but now I sabi if Dem batch 300 soap once!

This glory is lost already.

Naira Marley, you sabi 4g well well! Me and you don fight for like 3 girls. I have your chats from their phones and all”.

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