She was addicted to drinking and smoking weed- Shocking details about Chacha Eke’s marital crisis

“Everyone Close To This Case Knows the Absolute Truth” Chacha Eke’s husband, Austin Faani finally breaks silence on his marital crisis

GISTLOVER has given more insight into the case of Chacha Eke and her husband Austin Faani.

Recall that a few weeks ago, the Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke took to her Instagram page to announce the end of her marriage to Austin Faani. She mention indirectly in her post that she was facing domestic violence in the marriage.

Gistlover has shared more insight into the collapse of the marriage between Chacha Eke and Austin Faani. According to the blogger, Chaha Eke became suicidal; started drinking and taking hard drugs just to forget her problems at home.

He wrote in a lengthy post…

“Hello tueh tueh, the Marriage break up of Chacha and her husband for the second time has been a mystery to a lot of People. Y’all know the first time Na me first post am with video evidence before Chacha herself come post am say she no do marriage again long story short sha them sha turn everything put for my head after chacha husband beg am say make she no put their Matter for public, them say Na me want scatter their marriage say nothing Dey happen and Na just Bipolar🙄🙄😳ah, bipolar how Na??? Naso I shut up my mouth begin look oo until recently when I hint una say there is fire on the mountain again , this time around the matter don pass be careful oooo, so wetin happen be say, chacha has been going through Emotional/Domestic abuse from from his husband but they paint a happy marriage picture online , most times she cries to bed and sometimes confide in one of her colleague (name Witheld) them sha Dey patch the the relationship to shame gistlover say all is well, before you know it Chacha begin go all Asaba joint with face cap to smole and drink just so she would stop thinking and all, she got so addicted to it as it is her own place of solace, marriage isn’t working but they kept pushing and forcing it just so bloggers won’t win them , until one faithful morning wey Chacha wake up ooo, carry scissors begin cut some part of her kids hair and only God save those kids , it was weird as there was no agreement of barbing their hair or anything, that one go like that, Na there the husband begin call her family people say she get mental breakdown and they had to deactivate her page make she no go post wetin no good, make we sha no long matter sha naso one morning after the scissors incident chacha use her leg waka comot for house and the husband and family was looking for her for days oooo, the husband and family were looking for her everywhere until somebody alerted them where chacha was and how untidy she looked , the husband had to arrange people naso them go cross am carry am go hospital oooo, so after them see say she don Dey okay small they had to re activate her account Na there Chacha come write those things about marriage break up wey, check next post”.

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