RIO OLYMPIC: Nigeria Men Olympic Football Team Vows to Boycott Quarter-Final against Denmark over Unpaid Allowances [Details]


Dream Team VI

Dream team VI have threatened to boycott their quarter-final clash against Denmark, if they were not paid the balance of their allowances.

“The players said that their level of patriotism has already dwindled because of the way they have been treated by the government officials prior to the Olympic Games,” a source told AfricanFootball.


“Now they said they won’t step out to train until the remaining balance of their training and camp allowances are paid.


“Not only that, they have threatened not to play the quarter-final against Denmark on Saturday until all the monies owed them are paid.


“As we speak now, the only money that the players have received was the $150 dollars per day for 11 days, while there are more than 11 days still to be paid and no extra money was received for the matches played so far.”


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