Police Brutality: Police Shoots Man In Delta State

No Form of Protest Would Not Be Allowed In Lagos – Police Declares

There was tension at the DLA area of Asaba, Delta State, on Wednesday, July 7 2021, after police officers chased and make suspected yahoo boys crash their Benz Shoot one dead, arrest another

 According to a source, there were five young men in the car as police officers were seen pursuing them with their Sienna car.

Unfortunately, the driver hit a fence which led to a crash and the policemen allegedly opened fire on them. A bullet hit one of the passengers and he d*ed, while three fled. The police officers were able to arrest one of the victims and the deceased was whisked to a morgue.

“We queried one of the policemen and they claimed they saw a gun on one of the victims but when we searched the car, we didn’t see any gun,” a source said

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