Man allegedly sent to prison after a girl his friends raped in his room while he was at work died

Police apprehend notorious kidnapper and his female informant in Zamfara

Someone from Nigeria is said to be in Warri prison for the horrible crime his friends did in his flat.

The X user who shared the story said that he went to the prison in 2018 and heard the man there talk about how two of his friends came to visit and he left them at home to go to work. After he was caught, the police asked him about it and found out that his friends had raped a girl in his flat and the girl had since died.

”I met an inmate at Warri prison in 2018. He got a long sentence (I can’t remember for now), but I remember his story.

He stayed in one room apartment. Two of his friends visited him one day and he left them and went to work. The next day, police arrested him at his apartment. Turns out that his two friends invited a girl over and raped her in his room while he was away.

To cut the story short. His friends ran away, the girl died shortly afterwards and he is still in prison.”

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