“That’s not me”- Hilarious Moment Baby Acts Surprised After He was Shown a Video of Him Crying at 5 am


A woman showed her weeping son the video she had made of him at around five in the morning.

Sandra Baby’s TikTok account features a video in which the mother shows her son the consequences of his early morning misbehavior.

The youngster saw the video with an expression befitting an adult when it was played for him. A expression of astonishment crossed the face of the infant, who lay on the bed in his onesie.

A lot of folks thought the baby was unsure he was in the video. After the video went popular on TikTok, his reaction caused a great deal of amusement.

Reactions when the infant responds to video footage of him sobbing

@Mahlangu Mahlangu said: “He looks disappointed.”

@KindGodSkay said: “He’s like, I don’t recognize that baby!”

@weener said: “Then he is breathing heavily as if he has seen a ghost.”

@user6336884200943 said: “He said, it ain’t me, but I, I’ll copy that guy tonight.”

@Bernard Mpofu commented: “He’s so embarrassed.”

@Franko said: “He is like: “Whatever. It is what it is.”

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