51-year-old Trans Inmate Transferred From Women’s Prison After Rap!ng Female Cell Mate


Tremaine Deon Carroll, a 51-year-old transgender individual, was transferred from a female cell to a men’s cell after engaging in sexual activity with a female cellmate. Initially charged with rape, Carroll was detained in a women’s prison.

Carroll, who identifies as a trans woman, was accused of sexual assault against his female cellmate.

Despite previous charges being dropped, Carroll allegedly assaulted the same cellmate in the shower.

The California legislation allowing transgender inmates to be housed based on gender identity facilitated Carroll’s placement in the female cell.

Carroll, who has not undergone sex-reassignment surgery, is described as 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing around 200 pounds.

Reports indicate that Carroll made sexual advances towards his cellmate, despite her rejections, leading to the assault in the restroom.


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