“None of your followers fit even replace you for prison even for a day” — Man advises VeryDarkMan to stop activism


A Nigerian man has warned notorious campaigner VeryDarkMan to take a vacation from campaigning as soon as he is released from prison.

The man, who is a prominent social media content maker, published the video on his Instagram account, jectimi_comedy.

He feels that the people VeryDarkMan is fighting for do not value his efforts.

His justification for encouraging him to stop is not that he is unsuccessful at advocating for people without a voice; rather, not everyone he defends agrees with him.

He said that out of all of VeryDarkMan’s internet fans, none of them could contact the police to replace him in jail, even for a few days.

He also stated that no one does more than trend his hashtag; everyone else lives comfortably while he is in jail.

Furthermore, he urged the activist not to comment on every issue, preferring to ignore some, which he feels is the reason he is presently in jail.

Watch the video here.

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