Make Sure You Have a Plan You Never Tell Anyone – BBN Tochi Asserts

Make Sure You Have a Plan You Never Tell Anyone – BBN Tochi Asserts

Reality TV show star Tochi has advised that one should have plans or plan that he/she would never share with anyone, not even family members, and keep them to yourself and yourself alone.

There is this notion that not everything you have to be broadcasting for everyone to know and Tochi probably emphasizes that has advised that one must have a plan or plans that no family member or friends or anyone have to know about as it has to be kept to yourself.

According to Tochi, you should make sure that you have a plan you never share with anyone not even with family as you must keep it to yourself and yourself alone by not bringing a second or third party into it for your own good.

Meanwhile In a recent social media post, popular Ghanaian actress and model, Yvonne Nelson, has revealed that she misses falling in love.

Taking to micro-blogging platform, Twitter, the mother of one opened up about missing the feeling of falling head over heels for someone.

“I miss falling in love”, she tweeted.

It can be recalled that the 36-year-old dated popular Nigerian singer, Iyanya, in 2013, but their relationship only lasted a few months, and since she broke up with her baby daddy, Jamie Roberts, she’s yet to be linked to any romantic partner.

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