Just Like Falz, Singer Chike Reveals Why He has Never Said ‘I Love You’


Unlike many Nigerian men, singer-songwriter, Chike-Ezekpeazu Osebuka, simply known as Chike says he has never used the word ‘I love you’ to address anyone.

Although it might come off as surprising but Chike revealed that he has never said love you” to another person.

He nevertheless disclosed that he is happy he gets to sing it, said he has never used the word ‘I love you’ because it is just too vulnerable and his ‘bolz’ would shrink and maybe disappear, if he says it.

“I have never said “I love you “ . I guess for me that’s just too vulnerable . I get that feeling that it I say it , my bolz would shrink and maybe disappear. Happy I get to sing it though,” he wrote.

This comes only a few days after Nigerian rapper, Falz The Bahd Guy revealed in an interview that he has never been in love.

It sure seems like these music stars only sing but forget to practice what they preach.

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