Inidimi Sisters Labels Aisha Buhari a Gold Digger, Aftermath of Zahra’s Wedding Disagreements


Less than a month after the ‘royal wedding’ of billionaire son, Ahmed Indimi to President Mohammadu Buhari’s daughter, Zahra, the Indimi sisters, Ameena Indimi Dalhatu, Yataka , her twin sister, Zahra, aka, Ya’Gumsu, and the estranged wife of Mohammed Babangida, Rahama are up in arms against the First Lady, Aisha Buhari.


The Indimi Twins, Zahra, aka Ya Gumsu , and Ameena, aka Ya Kaka, recently poured invectives on the President’s wife and her daughter on their Istagram pages


In a veiled attack, there were said to have described the First Lady as Tokyo Toni, mother of Angela Renée White, aka Blac Chyna, a popular American model and entrepreneur. Chyna is also a “video vixen” due to her frequent appearances in Hip-hop music videos.


The twins were said to have made the comparison because, according to them, the wife of the President, is like Toni, had allegedly hijacked the preparations for her daughter’s wedding to their brother.


According to the source, they wondered why she personally handled all the arrangements for the wedding.


However, sources close to the wife of the President said that she had to personally supervise all the activities for the wedding because of her integrity and her knack for perfection and excellence.


A family source to the Indimi, who craved anonymity, said: “the twins are bad representatives of the family. I wonder how Ahmed Indimi’s sisters could be that rude to his mother in law and a First Lady of a country for that matter.


The source revealed further that the development did not go down well with some friends of the Indimis, who came across the material and pointedly told their parents to call them to order.


According to the source, Aisha did the best by banning them from her daughter’s wedding “so that they would not pollute a ceremony that was ordained by God to herald a new beginning for the couple.”


Also speaking, another, who craved anonymity, debunked the claim that Aisha and Zahra were gold diggers, adding that the boxes the twins claimed that the Indimi family bought for Zahra were mere propaganda and a bunch of lies.


The source said: “All together, I can confirm to you they are 11 boxes and two vanities round box. Whereas they lied to the social media saying it was 60 boxes and stuff worth billions of naira. But, what I saw is not up to N100 million.


The sisters, who were barred by Aisha Buhari from attending Zahra’s wedding in Abuja on December 16, have started casting aspersions on their in-laws, howbeit, subtly on Instagram.


We gathered that this pay-Aisha-back-in-her-coin gesture kick-started on December 31, 2016 when Premium Times, an online news portal published a story on the budget.


Written by one Hassan Adebayo, the story entitled, “Presidency’s ‘kitchen equipment’ gets N100 million despite N325 million spent before” revealed how the Nigeria’s Presidency planned buying new “kitchen and catering equipment” for N100.8 million in 2017, which was contained in a proposal sent to the National Assembly.


One of the sisters, Zahra, aka, Ya’Gumsu who is twin to Ameena, put up the bromide of the publication on her Instagram page and captioned, “What happened to the old kitchen equipment? can they pls give it to me since they are buying new ones.” (sic)


Then, one of her followers, which obviously must be a friend chipped in:


“It’ll be on a blog by morning o Zahra Indimi begs in law for old kitchen equipments.”


Then another said, “infact if I had a blog I’d put it up myself for ratings.”


Then Ya’Gumsu replied, “pls so let them dash me, 325 mil worth of kitchen equipments, I can open 60 restaurants with that.” (sic)


Moreover, the sisters, including Rahama, the estranged wife of Mohammed Babangida, have been posting pictures and videos of the marriage rites of their brother,Mohammed Indimi and Fatima, a niece of the former Borno State Governor, Ali Modu Sheriff, a culture that didn’t obtain when Ahmed married Zahra. All pictures from Zahra Buhari’s wedding emanated from the First Lady media office which made use of Instgram and twitter extensively during the ceremonies.


There was no post on the Abuja wedding on the Indimi’s sisters’ IG accounts!


Obviously, Buhari’s wife seems to have understood the game plan surrounding her daughter’s marriage into the family a little too late as some people have argued and she has since moved in to stabilise the home of her daughter.


Aisha was said to have been put off by the undisciplined attitudes of these ladies, especially during one of the marriage rites known as Lefe. That ceremony witnessed the giving of 30 Louis Vuitton customised boxes as gifts to Zahra Buhari which we relaibly gathered was the reason she pointedly warned Ahmed to keep his elder sisters away from all the activities leading to the wedding ceremony until after he was officially married to Zahra.


It seems honeymooning Zahra has joined the war too? Her IG page is void of congratulatory messages for her brother-in-law, Mohammed and his bride, Fatima.

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