Corper bitterly cries out as she shows off where NYSC ‘carry her go’


Female corper was quite upset with the area to which she was assigned for her one-year required NYSC duty.

The young woman published the video on her Tiktok profile, @diwas_beauty_hair, and it has now gone viral.

She was on her way to the spot in Benue state when she saw the number of mud dwellings and huts, which shocked her given the time period.

Despite the fact that she is required to stay in the state for the rest of her service year, she admitted to pondering migrating elsewhere.

Watch some reactions to the video below.

@J reacted: “Just gather d villagers mk una start to act village movies 😂😂😂”

@JAJA stated: “Them don post this one back to 1904😂😂”

@egboalex46: added “My first time in Makurdi 2013, I saw humans coming out that hut, I shock, I asked d bike man, is it for fowls or humans, d man said “thank God for Igbo ppl that came & show us dem dey build house.”

@Annie U said: “Not everyone acting like they don’t have villages 😂”

@Christian Charles advised: “try and buy bicycle for easy transportation in that village ok. may the gods watch over you”

@Tife Fabrics 🛍🥰 wrote: “Just forget about using your phone🥺🥺😂 coz where will you see light charge”

@MMESO stated: “This is Benue. God forbid, God thank u for developing my village oo.”

Watch the video here

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