“Development Levy 300k as in how” -Nigerian mom in disbelief as she gets billed N929K for pre-kindergarten’s class


A Nigerian mom expressed disbelief as she displayed the high costs imposed by a school to enrol her child in a pre-kindergarten session.

Tanko Lami, a Facebook user, grumbled after getting a receipt showing pre-kindergarten expenditures.

The list revealed the cost of tuition, uniforms, health insurance, sports levies, and developmental fees, which added up to about a million naira.

The woman who shared the post bemoaned the excessive fee and expressed how unnecessary the charges are.

In her words:

“Development Levy 300k as in how? You will give my child teeth and brain cells because I don’t understand. 55k books for a pre-Kindergarten. This pikin no even reach the kindergarten finish sef, and books of 55k at that stage,” she wrote in a Facebook post on Friday, April 19.

“Me the mama, how many books I don read all my life? And that uniform. When my child is not a model… the same uniform that he will pour food on top? Abi ? Nna eeh,” she added.

The post has since generated a wave of humourous reactions from other social media users who vowed that they barely spent 10% of the total amount all through primary school.

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