Moment Dotun warns DJ not to play his ex-brother-in-law D’banj’s songs at 40th birthday party


On Air Personnel, Dotun offers a strong warning to a DJ at his 40th birthday celebration for attempting to play songs by his brother-in-law D’banj.

"They are using their connections to oppress him”- Reactions as Abuja court restrains Do2dtun from defaming D’banj

This occurred during a custody battle with his wife, Taiwo Oyebanjo, who is the sibling of Koko Master D’banj, whom he accused of supporting his sister and persuading her to keep their children away from him.

Dotun, who celebrated his 40th birthday only hours ago, thanked God and his admirers for his support while posting ageless images on his Instagram page.

The well-known figure later hosted a birthday party and made a point of removing songs from his brother-in-law’s iPod.

Fans have subsequently praised him for keeping the same energy with his wife’s family while others cautioned him for going too far.

Reactions as Dotun warns DJ not to play D’banj’s songs at his birthday party

official247_gram wrote: “People just dey yarn dust up and down, everybody saying dbanj is better than him and saying he is taking it too far would not take half what dotun went through with his wife’s family! May we not married into a selfish and wicked family like that! Dbanj deserves anything he gets from dotun if you know the story.”

merit_orbie stated: “Dbanj really messed this guy up.”

damilolaaaaaaaaa penned: “U can say he is taking it to far but Anything dat will ruin your mood or remind your of ur trauma u believe its ur choice to Stand against it! Dotun is Real! i love it✅.”

wumi_roky stated: “But he’s taking it too far.. the fact that you have an issues with your wife doesn’t mean you should extend the fight to her broda… it doesn’t make sense to me and it’s a sign of immaturity.”

arikeeee_ noted: “I love the way he keeps the same energy on social media and real life 👏👏.”

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