Why I Think Marriage is Not For Musicians – Terry G


Nigerian artist Gabriel Oche Amanyi, nicknamed Terry G, has stated that musicians are not allowed to marry.

He said that the opposite s3x followers would be less comfortable with a married musician.

Terry G, who appeared as a guest on the newest episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, referred to opposite sex fans as the “juice of the music industry,” emphasizing that without them, the music industry would be dull.

He said, “I don’t think marriage is for people like us [musicians]. If I get married, it would restrict me from my female fans.

“Females are the base of the music, they are the juice of the music industry. Remove them and you are bored.

“If a music artist announced his marriage publicly, it would affect his female fanbase. Once you are married, you are out of the box. In Nigeria, they say once you are married, you are out of the market. So automatically you are no longer hot.”

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