Why Black Loves Their Hair That Defiles Gravity

A typical black man’s hair does defile gravity, of course only when its natural and undisturbed with chemicals. 

‘4C texture’, a term  used to describe the Most tangled of all the Type 4 texture, is the most coil kind with very tight curls and probably the most unwanted.  Theirs a lot of nonacceptance of this particular kind of texture even from people with such.  

A typical 4c hair doesn’t actually slip like that of the white race. It strings upwards and doesn’t actually obeys any kind of hair gel. It has also caused blacks jobs and opportunity as it also gets politicized. It may have taken a long time for blacks to love their own hair without the urge of altering it, but its been a good wait because the love its being a very high growing one since it started.

Natural hair can be styled in ponytail, Afro, and every style  posted on 4C HAIR that gets more than the usual amount of compliments by the black community.

A lot of entrepreneurs have shifted their focus on natural hair product, hair conditioners, and the likes because it gets consumed more by the Black community Nowadays.

It can be said that the inferiority complex of 4C type of hair has reduced. There Is increase in self love and this hair that does defile gravity. And blacks will always love their Hair.

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