video trends as siblings raised in the USA display their impressive Igbo-speaking skills


The exceptional Igbo-speaking abilities of a group of siblings raised in the United States of America (USA) have captured the attention of netizens.

Despite the common belief that Nigerian children born and raised abroad may not be in touch with their cultural roots, a video featuring the four siblings in the USA has sparked interest among social media users.

The siblings, consisting of a boy and three girls, showcased their proficiency in Igbo language in the video.

In the beginning of the video, one of the sisters initiated the conversation by announcing, “So today, we are in Maryland because my brother just graduated and received his master’s degree.

All of my siblings are here, so I will pass them the phone to introduce themselves.”

The next sibling, who is a lady speaks in Igbo, “So you guys already know me I’m Sochina, I came from LA to NY to help Naeche out. Naeche can’t go on a plane because of the surgery she had on her leg. this is why I decided to drive from NY to Maryland I will pass the phone to my brother.”

The next sibling who is a guy, the latest Master’s graduate while speaking in Igbo Language said;

“How are you guys? my name is Chiadika, I’m Naeche’s brother and we came out here because today I’m graduating, I got my masters in robotics (engineering), now I will pass the phone to my sister.”

The next sibling, who is a lady also speaks in Igbo Language, she utters; “I’m chiasokam, I’m 20year-old, I go to university in Los Angeles, I speak Igbo but…I don’t speak it that please leave me alone.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

iam_bmodel: Then there is Mr and Mrs Okonwo, living in Enugu State that doesn’t want their children to be speaking Igbo. It’s so sad that we Igbos don’t value our culture and language so much like the other tribe does. Nice one to them.

precious_ibini:The ones here in Lagos are forming they can’t speak Igbo…ndi uwa.

okm_herbal: See how the language is flowing like Amala and Ewedu soup.

richyyrey: Their parents did a great Job 👏 While some parents here in Nigeria don’t want their children speak their dialect.

clarindablondeskincare:  😍😍😍😍Chiasokam is such a beautiful name.

iamcynthiaoliver:  Be like where AI dey speak Igbo. 😂Thumps up to their parents.

mamaariella:This was how our parents made sure we spoke Igbo while we were growing up in Australia as a child. The law in my house was strictly NO ENGLISH, my dad did this because he knew we would always learn the English at school and it was easier but learning Igbo in a foreign land would be difficult so he ensured that’s all we spoke at home and it worked perfectly, we all speak Igbo now fluently. One thing that’s causing our languages as Nigerians to dwindle a bit is inter tribal marriage so don’t be too hard on yourselves, growing up my both parents were Igbo so it was easy, I’ve married a Rivers man who speaks Okrika while I speak Igbo, if we both speak our languages we won’t understand each other so of course it will affect the kids learning the language but I still try to speak Igbo to my kids directly especially when I’m upset 😂 keep doing it, as they grow you will see naturally they will take it up, kids learn very quickly.

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