US Magician Divides His Sleeping Daughter into Two in A Creepy Video


US Magician Divides His Sleeping Daughter into Two in A Creepy Video US Magician Divides His Sleeping Daughter into Two in A Creepy Video

US Magician Justin Flom divided his sleeping baby into two and the baby moved in the process

A magician identified as Justin Flom, seems to have done the impossible by dividing his daughter into two different parts in a seemingly realistic video.


The US’ Justin Flom’s latest trick was shared on The Magic Show Facebook page – and it has horrified viewers with a lot of parents reacting to the image with absolute negative reviews.


In the clip, which has a huge 143 million views, the Las Vegas based magic man approaches his sleeping daughter Haven – who is napping on pink towel laid on top of a table.


Taking two Dr Seuss books, Justin appears to slice straight through the sleeping tot’s stomach – and then pulls the two books apart, moving her legs away from her body.

Some viewers assumed the baby was a doll until she wakes up, and that’s when things get even creepier.

Instead of looking alarmed at what’s going on, the little girl giggles.

One of the viewers of the creepy video, Dee Elizabeth Buck fumed:

“What the F*** is entertainment coming to when they have to sink so low as to use a baby for ENTERTAINMENT????”

Parents have slammed Justin Flom for ‘sinking so low’ and using his baby for entertainment

Another viewer, Toni LaShaye wrote:

“I can’t believe people are really out here cutting their babies in half just to go viral. This is definitely child abuse smh (shaking my head)”.

And Linda Moors slammed:

“Some people will do anything for 15 minutes of fame.

“No harm done to the innocent not baby but is this appropriate behaviour on the part of the dad? Guess I’m old fashioned but I can only shake my head at this.”

It seems not everyone is concerned about the video as some viewers expressed a rather unimpressive views.

Jeremiah Daniels wrote:

“Why is this NOT funny?

“No babies were harmed and it’s kinda cool and funny as well. Lighten up. And yes, I have kids.

“I believe being fun and being a kid at heart makes you a better parent.”

Watch the video below:

So how did Magician Justin do it? A lot of people believe it was an illusion made possible by clever camera hanging.


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