US-based Lady goes in search of ‘boyfriend’ who’s educated, can cook, do laundry, enjoys house chores


A Nigerian woman living in the US has caused a stir by sharing her expectations for potential partners.

Ogechukwukamma Christine Kalu, who is currently single, has received numerous messages from men interested in dating her.

She emphasized the importance of certain qualities, including education, faith in God, and culinary skills.

She wrote …

“Now that my DM is clogged with “I love you” let me reinstate that I am single.

Looking for a cute man, well educated, God fearing, knows how to pray and intercede for the family, can cook and enjoys laundry, is homely and can fold clothes immediately after laundry. Enjoys house chores, can take care of kids and also has a good job business and/or great career prospects. Loves PDA and can perform. Loves plants. Enjoys listening to worship. Expects loyalty, respect, faithfulness because he gives and is capable of giving them long term. Listens to understand and not to respond. Knows how to pronounce “parallelogram, Otorhinolaryngologist, and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious””

Reactions have followed …
legacywealth1 said; “She’s not worth the stress…. Remember that she already said that her dm is clogged, yet she is looking for more dms… She’s a time waster and never ready.”

success_richy advised: “Carry sand create your own man”

jasonsickbeats asked: “So what exactly will be your own job in that house since you want a man with all the criterial’s you mentioned?”

phatini_ penned: “Why do people think it’s impossible to find all she mentioned in one Person? It really goes to show the population of low quality People.”

comedian_acapella remarked: “MaMa Dey Find A I”

ifedioraamara commented: “When God said you should be specific i, when you ask. Nice one dear.. sisterhood is proud of you”

kingjamescfr stated: “You think marriage is by pronunciation, of words u go old”

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