“Beautiful nonsense”- Nigerians reacts as lady shows off method of fixing nails with bread


Fashion has evolved with a lady demonstrating how artificial nails can be made using bread.

The beautician decided to use bread, a perishable food item, to enhance her beauty techniques. She cut a small piece, placed it on her finger, and covered it with an artificial nail.

After spreading the bread across the nail and trimming it to the same length, she applied a transparent coat, making it look radiant.

Adding green dots of cortex further beautified the artificial nail.

The final result was impressive, with some people loving it while others remained indifferent.

They were amazed at the lengths some women go to for fashion. Check out the video below:

See what some social media users are saying about the bread nail below:

@yfw_xtras: “Heaven knows I won’t be comfortable with that thing on my nail.”

@shantelsucre_1: “Beautiful nonsense.”

@e_klasic_jackets: “Na too much bread dey worry this one?”

@anonymousman001: “Aesthetically pleasing.”

@incredible_toni: “Bacteria would love this trend.

@correct_market: “Is this not dangerous?”

@solidgas_production: “That bread no go spoil inside there?”

@preshurgh: “There’s nothing creative here and still not fine.”

@nike_alone1: “From my bread and butter to bread and glue.”

@olabigtrips: “Women stress just plenty but he fine sha.”

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