Uriel Calls Out People Who Label Ladies Gold Diggers


Former BBNaija Housemate Uriel has called out people fond of labeling ladies who opt to go in for already made men as GOLD DIGGERS.

The beautiful reality TV show star made this known in a recent post she made on instagram.

The post she made reads;

“When you call a lady who wants to date a made man!!! A gold digger It could be a reflection on how you inner demeanour has been compromised by starvation of the mind.

Your current actions are the result of self doubt, Your mind has been hindered due to lack of resources, which has caused effective disturbance in the way you view your ability to progress as man.

How ever a self made made is made by a force called Hustle.”

She then added that;

“If you can Translate this then you are smart. I know some can’t. Try!! comment below 😂😂

If you no understand Bamijo jo jo

Same write up for a man looking for a self made woman 😂

You people don’t know I went to university to study writing 😂😂😂 No try me”

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