Throwback Video of Jane Mena Looking Unrecognizable Hits the Net [VIDEO]


Controversial Instagram twerker Jane Mena has shared a video of her transformation process and we can’t believe how much she has grown as her throwback photos are unrecognizable.

Jane Mena is known to be a slim person but these photos of hers will surely put some people in doubt as to whether she’s indeed the one or she just used someone else’s photos because she’s unrecognizable in the old photos.

This is surely what growth is all about as you can clearly see that Jane Mena has completely changed.

Comparing her old photos to her new photos and we know some people will still doubt if it’s the same person since the change is massive.

Change they say is the only thing that is constant and it’s clear in this case of Jane Mena as she has completely changed.

She joined the latest challenge on Tik Tok and so far we can say she is the one who has blown our minds with her transformation looking at how skinny she was back then and how she is now and even her face is unrecognizable.

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