“Thank you for always coming through for me” -Rosy Meurer celebrates Denrele’s 41st birthday


Actress and entrepreneur Rosy Meurer has penned a touching tribute to mark famous Nigerian crossdresser Denrele Edun’s 41st birthday.

Kemi Filani earlier reported that the ever-glamorous Denrele Edun marked his 41st birthday on the 13th of June. The actor and fashionista shared multiple photos to celebrate his day.

Denrele wrote: “HAPPY 41ST BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! FORTY WON, it is! I look 19, I feel like 12 and I act like I’m 10 (Yeah, I never let the kid inside of me die)… Guess that makes me 41! DENRELE, I now pronounce you STUNNING! Again, find me a more Energetic, Beautifully Young, Vibrant and Effervescent 41 Year old… Didn’t think so! Channeling my inner GEN Z side; Youthful exuberance with a lotta BALLZ! P.S: I’ve heard of the three ages of Man: Youth, Middle Age, and “You’re looking wonderful!”.

Actress Rosy Meurer has joined in the celebration by writing a warm tribute to acknowledge Denrele’s impact on her life. She also showered him with prayers and love.

She wrote: Happy birthday to an amazing soul. One being I love and appreciate so much. Thank you for always coming through for me. May God bless your new age. Wish you many more years to come, long life and prosperity. @denrele_edun

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