Stray bullet hits BBNaija’s Angel as skit maker Ashmusy’s mum reacts to her nose piercing


Skit maker, Ashmusy has sparked an uproar on social media after she shared her mum’s reaction to her nose piercing.

Ashmusy’s mum registered her displeasure with Ashmusy’s new lifestyle and she compared her to Big Brother Naija’s Angel Smith saying she has adopted her lifestyle.

She expressed her disappointment in Ashmusy for the fact that she is endowed with beauty and a good physique but she wants to try to look finer bemoaning that it is causing her shame and pain.

Part of her message reads;

I respect you for who you are and how hard you habe worked but this is not acceptable.

I fill the pain and shame of my daughter turning into bbn angel

No bra, pierced nose who told you it makes you finer. Or it has reduced your intergrity. Even some company may not want to work you big girl is not by piercing.

God has blessed you and you don’t need this. See Chioma which has nothing good to offer but can pierce nose and private part.

I am highly dissapointed put in the eyes now that rubbish is that beautiful as God create you what will I tell God that I don’t raise girls to dear and obey him till they turned to this bad.

Some reactions culled below

lobasparking wrote; ‘Chastising your daughter is okay Talking badly about another persons own Is not okay mummy wa
Angel na her mama everything too ne

alsiaempire; ‘I pierced mine during NYSC and closed it after NYSC before getting home So get mum thinks she is better Dan angel she supposed correct her mama dere dis is not acceptable

moprincess; ‘Allowing your mum disrespect another person’s child. All in the name of correcting
you. Sound stupid to me. And she couldn’t eve cover that part….’

auntyshaggi; ‘Everyone is talking about the Angel part but I’m more worried about the chioma part Biko, which chioma abeg? Chi Jesus or 30BG?’

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