Singer Chike Discloses How To Deal With Fakers

Chike Discloses What Turns Him Off A Lady

Singer Chike has addressed those who have been cutting people off so easily as he discloses why you don’t need to cut them off and also gave a solution telling what to do in return.

According to Chike, cutting someone who has toiled with your emotions or made fun of you off is indirectly helping them therefore instead of cutting them off you keep them but make sure you don’t regard them in anything or any way.

To Chike, the petty thing you could do to someone is keeping them around and making sure they see you genuinely happy and making it in life but then you don’t regard them in anything or any way as they will just be in your life but has no importance in your life.

Having someone not regard you in anything or any way is very painful and this is the best solution for Chike instead of cutting the person off and making enemies out of them sometimes but then when you keep them around and disregard them, it will hurt them more than cutting them off.

This is something some people do unconsciously as they sometimes fall out with their friends but don’t cut them off in their life instead they do their things without involving them as they use to do when they were very good friends and that is what Chike is advising that we should do rather than cutting people off.

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