See Why Being 60 Is Such A Big Deal To RMD

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Speaking to media personality and journalist, Chide Jideonwu disclosed that clocking 60 in a few days to come is the most important thing to him now because it means a new start for him considering the fact that his parents could not reach 60 before they died and what caused their death was diabetes and hypertension.

According to RMD, he made a resolve to lose weight and look healthier so he can break the cycle because he does not want to suffer the same fate as her mum and dad who died at the age of 58 and 57 respectively.

In his word:

None of my parents lived to be 60, so life for me is just about to get started.”

“There’s been a specter of death around my life, that’s what I’ve been dealing with last year till this year. When I turned 59, it was a big deal for me, big deal for me! My mom died at 59, my father died at 57/58.”

“So, it was like, can I break it? When people see me and I go on a weight loss, people think that… you know, it’s health. Both my parents were diabetic and hypertensive, I don’t want to be that. I don’t want to be diabetic and hypertensive, I want to be healthier. Atleast give myself a fighting chance to change that whole cycle. Yes I’m a Christian now, so I’ve broken that yoke but I have to also help myself.”

“Becoming 60 for me is even a bigger deal, so when July comes and I become 60. You know how the Bible says old things have passed away, I will truly truly become a new man because that is when I’ll make a bucket list. So all these things that you think I’ve achieved or done, for me it’s nothing, like zero.”

“So I’m going to now sit down when I’m 60 and do a bucket list … and then we’ll start.” This was such a heartfelt moment. It’s such an honour to do this show

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