See New Trending ‘Jesus Soap’ People Now Buy To Wash Away Their Sins Daily [Photo]

See New Trending 'Jesus Soap' People Now Buy To Wash Away Their Sins Daily [Photo]
Jesus Soap on sale

A wonder-soap called ‘Jesus soap’ is currently making waves online. According to the description of the soap, it is a novelty soap which can be used when one feels the need for confession, the need to get the burden of sins off one’s chest. The soap is also meant for lost souls and you only need to use it once in a day (especially at night) just to wash away the day’s sins.

The soap which is listed amongst other products on Amazon has currently sold out, as many who want to ‘wash away their sins’ didn’t let it stay too long on the counter. From the reviews, people even bought in bulk, hence, the unavailability of product.

One of the buyers reviewed it by saying:

“So much fun when you see the face of the person you gave it to. I bought several to give to my dirtiest friends.”

Another one said: “This is a very cute gift or stocking stuffer for good friends or family that can handle the presumption of a subtle jab at the lives we lead. We all need a good soul cleansing once in awhile.”

And yet another: “This is a cute gift. I know the receiver will like it. Too bad we really can’t wash our sins away with this soap, but the Person on the soap can do it for us!”

LOL, was this what John had in mind when he talked about Jesus washing away our sins? Would you buy the Jesus Novelty Soap?


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