Sandra Iheuwa’s ex husband, Steve Thompson called out for abandoning his new born son

Trouble in the Paradise? Sandra Iheuwa Removes Her Husband’s Name from Her Bio Moves out from His House

Steve Thompson, Estranged husband of Businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa, has been mercilessly dragged on social media for abandoning his newborn song because of his hatred for his wife.

The couple had a messy breakup and cut off all ties, transferring their aggression to their son.

Since Sandra Iheuwa gave birth to their son in May, Steve Thompson has never acknowledged him publicly nor announced his birth.

Instagram gossip blogger, Cutie Julls, who exposed him, questioned how an Igbo man can hold grudges against his own son by refusing to see him.

According to the blog, this is due to the issues he has with his baby’s mother.

“Omo, Odogwu hair seller’s shame dey shame me. I just saw a video of the baby and even with his back turned, you can tell from his cheeks and the shape of his head that he is Odogwu’s carbon copy. Fia! How can an Igbo man hold grudges on his own blood refusing to see the innocent baby cuz he has issues with his mama?”.

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