Sam Ajibola drags Tunde Ednut, others to court for claiming his son’s dad is Obasanjo demands N10m each for emotional damages


Nollywood actor Sam Ajibola and his wife Sandra have dropped a 10 million naira legal bombshell on bloggers Tunde Ednut and Gossip Bobo.

In May of last year, a photo of Sam’s family posing with ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo went viral on social media, sparking speculation about Sam’s son’s paternity.

Gossip Bobo came to TikTok, claiming that Sam’s wife was formerly Obasanjo’s secretary and that their baby bore a striking likeness to the former president.

In his own corner, Tunde Ednut published the video, eliciting a flood of replies from Instagram followers.

Sam and his wife filed a defamation action against Tunde and Gossip Bobo on Friday, with legal backing.

The bloggers were given a 72-hour deadline to pay ten million naira apiece as compensation for the irreparable loss caused by their libellous publications.

In addition to the ultimatum, they were given a 48-hour deadline to deliver a public apology on X (previously known as Twitter) and Instagram.

Sam took to Instagram to share an emotional post about how the video caused his son to be ridiculed and his wife’s integrity to be called into doubt.

He wrote in parts:

“So contrary to many opinions as to why I haven’t come out to clear the air on the defamation of my wife’s character on this issue, you will all please bear with me as I needed some real good time to properly analyze all aspects of it and come up with a best solution to all of these bickerings that has been happening since I announced my wife to the world.

“This Harrasment has continued from my engagement news where they began with false allegations that my wife was older than I am and was controlling my decisions like leaving The Johnsons, to blatant lies that she was called my class captain, and now for over a year these trolls have further bear false witness to the point where they question my wife’s unquestionable fidelity to me, and ultimately bullying my innocent son who they have planned to grow and meet these false allegations.”


Uche Jombo took to his comment section to share her thoughts

She wrote;

“It’s the comments on (CNYEG that post, people thinking it’s funny like someone’s REAL life is something to use for social media clouts chase with made up stories. I always say.. People should LEAVE children out of internet nonsense.”

Actor Chinedu Ikedezie aka Aki averred;

“It’s so sad that people now find happiness to the detriment of others. The internet never forgets! In the next 10 years, this little cutie will find this defamatory post and comments. How do you think he will feel?”

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