Relax with your vindictive approach– Uche Ogbodo earns backlash over her insensitive comment to victim of false rape accusation


Actress Uche Ogbodo of Nollywood recently shared her thoughts on the case of a young man who was recently unjustly accused of rape.

A Nigerian man, Richard Osita, who took to social media last weekend, to call out a young lady identified as Bella Nwoko, for attempting to falsely accuse him of rape, has slammed the Nigerian police for not taking his complaint seriously.

Osita shared a video of his former friend, Bella apologizing for falsely accusing him of rape in 2021.

He said he went to the police station to complain and according to him, the police did not take him seriously because it is a ‘’female on male crime”.

In a series of posts shared on his Instagram page, Richard accused the police of being stereotyped and not caring about men. He further stated that he was only attended to after calling them out online.

“This is the problem with Nigeria, they don’t make female-on-male crimes seriously!

I spent the whole of yesterday in the police station and I haven’t seen any notable action being taken, just stup!d questions and dragging their feet around.

I’m here again right now and I’m being told to “chill”

I just want this dirty thing to end but they previously don’t care about Men in this useless country.

The useless country had to calm them out online before they took the case”.

Reacting to it, Uche Ogbodo slammed the man for holding on to grudges.

She told the young man in her statement to let the incident go and move on with his life rather than trying to ruin the life of the lady who had falsely accused him.

She also emphasized how the lady had made threats to accuse him of rape but had not followed through on them and had even expressed regret for her actions.

In addition, Uche Ogbodo charged that the young man had abused the Nigerian police in an effort to establish his honesty.

She pleaded with him to let the lady go and put an end to his desire for vengeance because doing so might lead to the deaths of innocent people.

“Richard you need to Relax with your Vindictive approach! She threatened to accuse you but she never did and turned around to apologize for it. Forgive her then and move on! Let us stop pushing wicked and mean people to actually ruin people’s lives all in the name of ‘i am Right’.

“See how you are even Abusing the Police Force! What manner of Person is this guy. You want her to Pay for what? For not carrying out a threat yet? Nah you even carry am come Social media come announce am. Abeg Shift Richard!” She said.

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