Read How Tonto Dikeh Wants to Ruin Husband’s Career with Social Media Stunts


In truth, the marriage crisis of controversial actress Tonto Dikeh is getting messy with the latest moves by a source close to her to ensure her husband Olakunle Churchill is portrayed in a bad light. According to a reliable source, the actress who started the marriage crashing scandal with the removal of the husband’s name from her instagram, was reported to have allegedly fuelled the PA and husband romance to attract public sympathy.

It was revealed according inside source, that the mother of one, boasted to her husband that she would drag his image to the mud with her overwhelming influence on social media. She threatened to bring him down on social media as the husband does not command such authority or fame on the Internet.

Her supposed determination to downplay him and his image, instigated her disrespectful disposition in her mother- in law’s house, where she was allegedly accused of attacking and pushing down her mother- in law. Her 2 hours breaking of home properties was reported to be as a result of her marijuana related reactions in her family home.

Which according to source was the height of embarrassing the husband faced that prompted him to travel. Tonto Dikeh was said to have hurriedly removed her husband’s name on instagram to elicit fans sympathy and public condemnation for the husband.

As the issue of the alleged infidelity of her husband was gradually phasing off as the accused lady refuted the claim on TV, Tonto Dikeh was fingered to have sponsored her colleague, one Uche Maduagwu of TINSEL to fire another allegation of Gay accusation, with recorded Youtube video, though, the actress has come out publicly to disassociate herself from Mr Uche who claimed had been talking with her on phone.

The latest gist which is believed to have emanated from an online media some days ago in a rumour capacity but consciously sponsored gossip, is the domestic violence which was alleged to be one of the reason she left the married.

This seems very obvious that the excuses to justify her celebrity marriage breakup is to keep throwing stones on the husband and sacrificing her family secrecy on the altar of social media. Though, Churchill in his latest interview debunked the accusation of beating or maltreating his wife.


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