Reactions As Mercedes-Benz C300 Is Used For Hawking in Kaduna (Video)


Reactions As Mercedes-Benz C300 Is Used For Hawking in Kaduna.

It actually came as a surprise to so many people to see the luxurious Mercedes- Benz C300 in Kaduna being used to hawk herbal products, with a speaker placed over the roof of the car and the drugs they sell placed on the bonnet of the car. The man selling the herbal product was seated in the car advertising the herbal product in Hausa Language.

It was a show offense surprise to many people to see such an expensive car being used to sell such product. Presently the Mercedes- Benz C300 is not being sold with less than 3. 5 million Naira, depending on the year of manufacture.

NaijaCover Reports that such an expensive and luxurious car which is what many people in Nigeria will do anything to get is what has been reduced to herbal product delivery and service car. Many people would in the past have done different things to get this type of car, from those that will embezzle government fund, to cheating, ‘yahoo yahoo’ and all sought of things.

see the video below:

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