Prince Philip in fuming rage, cougs up blood over Prince Harry decision

Prince Philip in fuming rage, cougs up blood over Prince Harry decision

Prince Philip has recently been left in utter disbelief at the actions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

He came undone fuming with rage over the blatant ‘lack of respect’ towards the Queen’s wishes.

Prince Philip has been suffering from ailing health for quite a while and is largely bed-ridden, however he and Harry have always remained very close. Due to this, recent events have left him “deeply hurt.”

The move was revealed rather hastily on social media, through an official message from the official Sussex website.

A source revealed the Prince’s reaction to the announcement, stating “To say that the Duke feels let down would be a considerable understatement.

He is deeply hurt.”

“He spends much of his time now confined to his cottage at Sandringham, but he was spitting blood when aides informed him what had happened.

He has left the Queen in absolutely no doubt about how he feels. Philip has accused Harry and Meghan of lacking respect and he is weary of their behaviour.”

“They did not spend Christmas with the family — which he and the Queen accepted — and now this. His primary concern is the impact this is having on the Queen.”

The source concluded by saying, “A lot of Philip’s anger comes from seeing Her Majesty upset.”

Prince Philip has been resting at Sandringham’s Wood Farm, away from the daily grind of royal duty, but stays up to date through his aids.

The source further added, “Prince Philip is largely bed-ridden and is not in good health.

He can only spend about ten minutes at a time in anybody’s company before he feels exhausted. But that has not stopped him from venting his feelings in the clearest terms possible.

He’s fully aware of what is happening, and is truly mystified by this week’s events.”

Prince Philip’s bond with Prince Harry is one which cannot be explained, the prince didn’t fail to attend Harry’s wedding even though he had cracked his ribs from a fall just before his big day. Six major surgeries did not sway his determination to be present at church for Prince Harry’s big day.

The Prince has been known to let his emotions out on a number of occasions in the past when he felt other royal wives stepped out of line.

Another source revealed, “He won’t be happy about the idea that Meg and Harry need a break from royal duties.

This is a man who has dragged himself off his sick bed and even though nearly 100 years old is committed to serving the monarchy.”

“He was very unforgiving of Diana and Fergie appearing, in his eyes, to damage the reputation of the Royal Family. Philip is a no-nonsense man who speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to firmly express his views — whoever they may upset,” the source added.

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