Omokri Reveals Another Truth About Weddings

Reno Omokri Reveals what You Need To Know Before Getting Married

Reno Omokri in his usual fashion has taken to social media to dish out a piece of advice on marriage.

According to Omokri, if a wedding costs more than the net worth of the person sponsoring, that marriage will not last.

”Husband + Wife + Lots of Debt = problematic Marriage.

“Don’t spend all your money on a wedding and live a marital life in penury. If your wedding is costing more than your net worth, the likelihood of your future divorce increases by more than 100%.

“Money issues are the number one reason for divorce. Google it. Register for my webinar ‘How To Improve Your Productivity and Explode Your Success’ via the link below. I teach how to optimise your life in all areas.”

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