OMG!!!Read What Nigerians Doctors Said about President Buhari’s Health


OMG!!!Read What Nigerians Doctors Said about President Buhari’s Health

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has demanded that President Buhari address the nation on his health status to allay fears surrounding his death.

The association’s president, Prof. Mike Ogirima, called on the Presidency to be transparent about the situation of the president’s health.

Ogirima said no one is above getting sick but the presidency should keep Nigerians in the know about the situation of the president.

Ogrirma said: “Nigerians deserve to know the nature of the sickness afflicting their president.”

The national president of the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD), John Onyebueze was also in support of the NMA’s call.

“In a family where a father or mother is sick and the circumstance surrounding the illness is hidden from the children, this creates suspicion and mutual distrust.

“As a nation and country, we don’t need this distrust. The nature of the president’s ailment should be disclosed. Nigerians praying for Buhari should know the exact nature of his illness to enable them channel their prayers properly.

“As individuals, as Nigerians and as patriotic citizens of this country, we empathise with President Buhari and his family over the health challenges facing him.

“We should rally round and pray for the quick recovery of the President, rather than make a jest of the situation. He needs our support, our prayers and everything we can do as citizens to support him.”

“If the health sector has been given all the necessary and adequate attention it deserves, Nigerians seeking medical attention would not be travelling overseas for this purpose. This includes President Buhari.”

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