Nollywood actress omoborty says why she won’t stop the display

Nollywood actress Biodun Okeowo has spoken about her curvy body and why she intends never to hide it.

In a recent interview, the actress who is famous for her banging body disclosed the ordeals she had to endure as a teenager with plenty curves and now as a grown woman.

Initially, she recounted it wasn’t fun but she seems to now enjoy all the glamour it’s added to her life.

When asked how she cope with negative comments on your page? She said;

I’m a very free and playful person but I think there’s this mentality that Nigerians have about dressing. They believe you can’t dress the way you like.

But I’m an advocate of dress in whatever way that makes you comfortable.

I don’t look at anybody. If I feel like rocking my bikini, I do just that without minding whatever people say. When next I travel to Miami, I am going to rock my bikini. I don’t care at all.

As for the comments on Instagram, sometimes I just laugh and other times I respond to them. But while responding, I don’t sound bitter or angry, I just reply them playfully and make my point known.

Those that seek cheap attention, I give them in full dose whenever I am in the mood. If my dressing and butts make people talk on Instagram, I will keep on rocking more of such and flaunting what I have got.

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