“Nigerians Are in love With Hilda Baci Because Of Her Body Not as A Chef” – Blessing CEO


Blessing Okoro, commonly known as Blessing CEO, a controversial relationship expert, declared that Hilda Baci is liked by Nigerians mostly because of her curvy body.

Blessing CEO, speaking as a guest on the newest Terms and Conditions podcast episode, discussed the popular body improvements known as Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL).

According to the self-proclaimed relationship expert, a woman’s body attracts people before her brains. She cited award-winning chef Hilda Baci to support her stance.

“I’m going to use the lady who trended for cooking, Hilda Baci, because what made us even love her is her body, not the food per se,” she explained.

She went on to say that Hilda beats the stereotype that ‘pretty women don’t like to work’, adding that the chef is a beautiful woman with goals and aspirations to match. Blessing also noted that Nigerians only fully backed her up after being attracted to her body.

Blessing CEO added, “Let’s be honest when she started going viral and we started seeing how pretty she is, and how hard-working there’s a perception that fine girls don’t work… then when they saw how beautiful she was and was willing to put in such energy that was why Nigerians came out with full force so when you have the body and you have them brain it helps you achieve things.”

Going further, the relationship coach stated that people talk to her more now that she has acquired a BBL in comparison to before her operation. She then advised women to have the body as well as the brains, to retain people’s attention.

She said, “If you have a BBL just like me people would talk to you, ever since I got a BBL I’ve had so many people who didn’t want to talk to me then want to talk to me now and ask me out. That’s why I say have nyash and have brains, now when they come to you, the butt attracts them, and then when they now see that you have more to offer, that’s the beauty and the brain.”

This comes days after Blessing CEO took to her Instagram live to defend her BBL when popular socialite Pretty Mike called her BBL the worst he’s seen. “So people have been tagging me on Instablog, saying that Pretty Mike said I have the worst BBL. And I’m like ‘bro, where is that coming from?’ This is me, I don’t have the worst BBL,” she said while showing off her body.

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