“Women, stop this embarrassment” Blessing CEO berates ladies who wore wedding gown while praying for a husband

Blessing CEO

Relationship expert Blessing Okoro addressed a recent event in which ladies were observed wearing bridal gowns while praying for husbands in a thought-provoking Instagram post.

Blessing took to Instagram to voice her thoughts on the topic, questioning the significance of women wearing wedding gowns in the hopes of finding a husband. She went on to argue that there is a major difference between creating content and accepting a distorted view of marriage.

The relationship expert was blunt in her criticism of the event’s organizer, claiming that the pastor is giving the women an erroneous view of marriage.

Blessing Okoro emphasized that marriage is a partnership between two people, not merely women looking for spouses.

One of her main ideas was that when women openly expressed their strong desire to marry, it may potentially diminish her value as a woman in the eyes of a man.

Blessing Okoro’s words sparked debate on the demands placed on women and how societal pressure might alter people’s perceptions about marriage.

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